Jobless Brit fathers 8 kids with 8 girls for taxpayers to pick up #1m tab!

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London, March 3 (ANI): A bedhopping man in the UK, responsible for getting eight girls pregnant, has left the country's taxpayers to foot the bill amounting to 1million pounds in benefits for his brood.

Randy Keith MacDonald was said to have already ditched the latest mum-to-be and left the care of his children in the hands of cushy state-funded system.

"I don't see my kids. So why should I pay? I'm young, free and single," the Sun quoted him as saying.

He added: "They get benefits. They get looked after."

The jobless 24-year-old, who was just 15 when he first became a dad, also lives on handouts, that reportedly include incapacity benefits of 67.75 pounds a week for a "bad back and chest".

Each of his deserted children were said to be eligible for 18 pound a week child support plus 46 pound child tax credit until they are 18, while their unemployed mothers can get 50 pounds income support.

MacDonald's philandering was estimated to cost taxpayers more than 1 million pounds over 18 years.

The violent ex-jailbird whined: "I don't get any benefits myself for the children, the mums get that. Maintenance comes out of my benefits for some of the children. I get tortured for the money."

Stacey Barker, 21, mother of child No6 Emily, added: "I get 1.11 pounds a month from Keith for child maintenance. That's all the other mothers get too. It's a joke. He can't be allowed to carry on. He should be made to have a vasectomy." (ANI)

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