Caddie insists he was unaware of Tiger Woods' transgressions

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Wellington, Mar. 3 (ANI): Tiger Woods' caddie for eleven years, Steve Williams, has claimed that he knew nothing about the world's No.1 golfer's "transgressions".

The New Zealander insists that he was oblivious to Woods' string of extra-marital affairs, and expressed shock at the subsequent media reaction towards him.

"It's been the most difficult time of my life, no two ways about it, because every single person believed that I should know or did know or had something to do with it," the NZPA quoted Williams, as saying.

"I knew nothing, that's my answer. I don't have to clarify or extend that answer, I knew nothing," he added.

Williams admitted that while he had formed a tight friendship with the golfer, it seemingly didn't extend to Woods' after-hour activities.

"If the shoe was on someone else, I would say the same thing. It would be very difficult as a caddie not to know but I'm 100 per cent telling you, I did not know and that's that," he said.

"I'm a straight-up sort of person. If I had known something was going on, the whistle would have been blown," he added.

Williams said he was angry at Woods when the revelations first broke but resisted the urge to berate the golfer, believing his role was that of a friend - something the winner of 14 major golf championships needed more than anything at the moment.

"Of course I'm mad at him, why would you not be? I'm close with his wife and he's got two lovely children and he's let them down. (But) when a guy's having a tough time, it's not up to me to beat him with a stick right now," he said.

"Tiger's one of my closest friends and he needs my support right now. When I talk to him, I don't talk to him about what's happened. I talk to him about the future and about what we're oing to try to accomplish and how we're going to get over it," he added. (ANI)

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