Banana UK's most wasted food

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London, Mar 2 (ANI): The banana is the most wasted food in the UK, according to the latest research.

The survey by business intelligence company, Retail Active, found that fruit, salad and vegetables are the most wasted items in the weekly shopping basket with the banana in top place, closely followed by fresh milk.

People living in cities generally waste the most food but the worst offenders are city-dwelling single men, aged between 25 and 35, who waste food worth an average of 17.43 pounds a month.he survey showed that the South East of England has the highest food waste tally, second is the North West and the area with the least wastage is Scotland.

It says a family of four throws away an average of 15.70 pounds worth of food every month but people aged over 57 are the least wasteful, throwing away an average of just 3.36 pounds per month.

"The amount of food we waste is a serious issue. Our survey helps to pinpoint who are the worst offenders, the most considerate and the most wasted items. The poor old banana came top," the Telegraph quoted Retail Actives managing director, Julian Chamberlain as saying.

"Fresh meat and uneaten prepared food are also high on the wastage list. Tinned food is the least wasted. We used our vast database to conduct a poll of a representative sample of 2000 eople and it gives us some fascinating insights," Chamberlain added. (ANI)

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