PM reiterates demand for Pak action on terrorists

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On board Air India One, Mar 1(ANI): Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Monday reiterated India's take on terrorism and stressed on how the Government wants Pakistan to take action against terrorists acting from its soil.

"I hope that world community gets the right message, India is a victim of terrorism and we have a situation that our neighbour has promised us previously not to allow its territory to be used perpetrating terrorist acts directed against India and yet on the ground progress has been rather nil," Dr. Singh said.

The comment comes after the Prime Minister earlier said that terrorism remains the single biggest threat to global peace, particularly to the South Asian region, and urged for global efforts for having peaceful co-existence.

Commenting on normalizing relations with Pakistan, Manmohan Singh said there is no change in India's position.

"We are today living in a increasingly interdependent world and whosesoever I meet (the world leaders) I convey to them that all problems between India and Pakistan can be resolved through meaningful bilateral dialogue if only Pakistan would take a more reasonable attitude to dealing with those terrorist elements who target our country," he said.

Referring to his interaction with the Saudi Arabian leadership, the Prime Minister said that they discussed the current situation between India and Pakistan, and the Saudi Arabian monarch King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz has assured to provide his help in the matters possible.

"Well my feeling is Saudi Arabian Leadership has a better understanding of the predicament that India face both in Pakistan and Afghanistan, there is great deal of sympathy and support for Indian point of view that what we are asking is very reasonable," Dr. Singh said.

"I know Saudi Arabia has close relations with Pakistan I did discuss Indo-Pak relations with his majesty on a one to one basis, I explained to him the role that terrorism aided, abetted and inspired by Pakistan is playing in our country and I did not ask him to do anything other than use his good offices to persuade Pakistan to desist from this path," he added. By Naveen apoor (ANI)

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