Pakistan Should act decisively against terrorism: PM

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Riyadh, Mar. 1 (ANI): Addressing members of the Majlis-Al-Shura, a powerful council of intellectuals of Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, said: "India wishes to live in peace and friendship with its neighbours.

He also emphasised that India wanted good relations with Pakistan, but it must act decisively against terrorism.

"We seek cooperative relations with Pakistan,our objective is a permananent peace we recognise that we are bound together by a shared future," he said.

But Singh categorically said that that Indo Pak peace could open up vast oppurtunities.

"If Pakistan coperates with India, there is no problem that we cannot solve and we can walk an extra mile to open a new chapter in relations between the two countries," Singh Informed Shura delegates.

The Prime Minister also made a detailed refernce on situation in Afghanistan where recently ten members of the Indian community were killed.

He told the Majlis-Al-Shura that nowhere is this greater challege of terrorism than in Afghanistan.

He said the people of Afghanistan have suffered for far too long. They deserve any atmosphere of peace and the oppurtunity to persue life of dignity and hope.

Making an apparent reference to sancturies given to Taliban by Pakistan, he said:"No sanctury should be given to those who promote terror, violence or instability in the country."

The powerful Shura Council is the regulatory authority in the kingdom , it supports the Council of Ministers in the decision-making process by presenting its views in the form of resolutions and plays an important role in shaping Saudi's foreign policy. By Naveen Kapoor (ANI)

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