Saudi Arabia concerned over prevalence of 'dangerous trends in Pakistan'

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Riyadh (ANI), Feb.28 (ANI): Expressing concern over growing dangerous trends in Pakistan, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud al Faisal on Sunday said that its political leadership should unite to fight the menace of terrorism.

"Pakistan is a friend of Saudi Arabia and therefore anytime when one does see dangerous trends in a friendly country, one is not only sorry but worried. And, it is indeed the duty of all political leaders in Pakistan to unite together to see that extremism does not find its way to achieve its aim in the country and this can only happen with united political leadership in Pakistan. This is, we hope, Pakistan will possibly achieve," said Prince Saud al Faisal.

He also mentioned that Saudi Arabia has no relations with Taliban because the latter has provided sanctuaries to Al Qaeda.

Interacting with reporters at King Saud's guest palace, where the entire Indian contingent including Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are staying, Prince Saud al Faisal said: "There is no relation between Saudi Arabia and Taliban. Relation was abrogated when Taliban gave sanctuary to Al Qaeda and since that time till today there has been no relationship between Taliban and Saudi Arabia. It shows the seriousness we attach to this issue."

Saudi Arabia along with Pakistan was among those few States which recognised Taliban government in Afghanistan, but severed ties with them after 9/11 when Taliban provided safe havens to Al Qaeda.

Saudi Arabia is also worried about growing penetration and increased leverage of Al Qaeda in adjoining Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Saudi Foreign Minister also said India and Saudi Arabia were moving in the right direction towards strategic cooperation.

Both countries will be signing more than ten agreements, including an extradition treaty and an exchange of sentenced people. By Naveen Kapoor (ANI)

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