Craziest book titles revealed

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London, February 27 (ANI): Unusual book titles have been picked to feature in The Bookseller's silliest title of the year contest.

Organiser Horace Bent called it "one of the most competitive short-lists in the 32 years of the prize."

The Sun named some of the finalists and their description as follows:

Afterthoughts Of A Worm Hunter by DWT Crompton. Author tells of his life studying parasites and why he doesn't think it has been a total waste.

Collectible Spoons Of The Third Reich by James Yannes. Publisher's blurb: "These spoons are history that you can hold in your hand."

Crocheting Adventures With Hyperbolic Planes by Dainia Taimina. From a review at Amazon: "I thought it would explore crochet and hyperbolic planes, but I found the book was more about the maths, history and theory of hyperbolic planes."

Governing Lethal Behavior In Autonomous Robots by Ronald Arkin. American author argues that robots in warfare can be more humane than humans.

100 Girls On Cheap Paper by Tina Berning. German artist Tina's drawings and paintings of women, some with clothes.

How You Are Like Shampoo: For Job Seekers by Brenda Bence. Human resources professional Brenda advises job seekers to market themselves like a brand of shampoo.

I Stopped Sucking My Thumb... Why Can't You Stop Drinking? by Elaine Bergmann. Publisher's blurb: "Roxie's mommy has a very bad habit..."

Peek-A-Poo: What's In Your Diaper? by Guido van Genechten. Publisher's blurb: "Mouse is so curious that he wants to look into everything - even into his friends' diapers!... In Mouse's iaper there is nothing, for he knows how easy it is to use the potty"

Venus Does Adonis While Apollo Shags A Tree by Tim Desmondes. Sex secrets of the Roman gods.

A Tortilla Is Like Lifeby Carole Counihan. Publisher's blurb: "In this groundbreaking study between 1996 and 2006, anthropologist Carole Counihan collected food-centred life histories from 19 Hispanic American women who had long-standing roots in the Upper Rio Grande region."

Advances In Potato Chemistry And Technology by Lovedeep Kaur and Jaspreet Singh. All you ever wanted to know about potatoes, including "specific food and non-food applications."

Bondage For Beginners by Lisa Sweet. Covers handcuffs, straps and harnesses "along with instructions for more than 20 different knots".

Plough Musicby David Medcalf. Publisher's blurb: "Songs, poems, drawings and anecdotes gathered from those involved with ploughing. Will appeal to not just those with an active interest in ploughing."

Schoolgirl Milky Crisisby Jonathan Clements. Guide to Japanese comics and cartoons - aimed at adults. (ANI)

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