Kashmiri militancy fathered in Pakistan: Musharraf

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London, Feb.26 (ANI): Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has admitted that militancy in Kashmir was actually fathered in Pakistan way back in 1989 and the process of fanning insurgency in the region was still continuing.

Addressing a meeting on the subject of 'Leadership' at the House of Lords committee here earlier this week, Musharraf said Kashmiri Mujahideen groups, that first came to the scene twenty years ago, enjoyed great support in Pakistan and the case is similar even now.

"The element of Kashmiri Mujahedeen is very much important in this scenario. Kashmir freedom struggle erupted in 1989 it has been going on for the last twenty years. And in this there were a dozen Mujahedeen groups which erupted in Pakistan, which created great public support for Mujahedeen groups in Kashmir and it continues even now because the issue remains unresolved," Musharraf said.

Musharraf, who is currently in London on an unannounced exile, described the long pending Kashmir issue as the core of the India-Pakistan age-old confrontation.

He stressed that until both countries resolve the issue amicably, it is difficult to establish peace and prosperity in the region.

"Kashmir is the core issue and without resolution of this imbroglio amicably, India and Pakistan can't enjoy cordial and normal relations as neighbours. UN resolutions to this effect are intact and effective unless both the parties abandon them and seek a new dimension," Musharraf said.

Musharraf also said that a sense of 'alienation' is fast creeping into Muslim youths in India, which, he said, is the prime reason for the rapidly expanding 'Muslim extremism' in that country.

"The Muslim extremism in India, I must quote, is spreading very strongly in the youth because of their sense of alienation, a sense on unequal to equal to the Muslims therefore they are rustrated. Having said all of this about Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and India the complexity increases, because there is a linkage in all of this," the former general said. (ANI)

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