India, Pakistan being responsible countries can manage their relations on their own: Bashir

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Amritsar, Feb.26 (ANI): Having earlier talked about giving a blank cheque to China on its behalf for talking to India, Pakistan on Friday said that India and Pakistan being responsible countries, could manage their relations on their own.

While on his way to Islamabad from New Delhi, at Raja Sansi Airport here, Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir talked to Asian News International (ANI) and was asked if there was actually any need for the third party's intervention to resolve the issues between India and Pakistan?

Bashir said: "I think Pakistan and India both are important countries and responsible countries with mature people. We can manage our relations."

Expressing hope for further progress in talks with India, Bashir on Friday opined that India and Pakistan should move ahead to establish peace in the region.

Speaking about the Thursday's Foreign Secretary level talks and future, Bashir said: "We want to move to the actual talks and not just keep talking about talks. We should not be losing time. Let's not be diverted or get detracted. Let's get back on the highway to peace."

Asked if it was true that the Thursday's talks were futile as some people view it that way, Bashir said: " I don't think so. The talks were useful and fruitful in every respect. The whole idea was that we should be able to understand each other better and I think we made good progress in that regard."

On being asked if Pakistan is still facing terrorism, why is there delay from Pakistan side or reluctance to break the terror network in Pakistan, Bashir said: " I think you got to update. What we are doing here nobody has ever done in combating terrorism. We are doing it for our own sake and we will continue to make every endeavor."

Asked then why is it that people like Hafiz Saeed are roaming free in Pakistan, Bashir said: "There are many people on this side of the border also making irresponsible and highly nflammatory speeches and it's better not to divert to trivialities and be focus on improving our relationship."

Mentioning about the concrete steps taken in the case of Sikh-beheading, Bashir said: "We have condemned this. This is what is unforgivable. We will do our very best. We will try to get whosoever has done and do the justice. This is the situation that we have been facing. The Sikh community and other communities in Pakistan are equally important. It was terrible and we are very sorry for this." By Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)

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