Despite Copenhagen doom, UN going ahead with multi-trillion-dollar 'green plan'

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New York, Feb. 26 (ANI): Despite the doomed Copenhagen climate change conference last December, the United Nations is moving forward with a multi-trillion-dollar plan economic transfer scheme at full speed in order to ignite the creation of a "global green economy."

The world body even has chosen a time and a place for the culmination of the process: a World Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012.

The new Rio summit will end with a "focused political document" presumably laying out the framework and international commitments to a new Green World Order, Fox News reports.

The structure of the environmental order and the extent of the immense financial commitments needed to produce it will be discussed in Bali this week at the United Nations Environment Program's 58-nation "Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environmental Forum (GC/GMEF)."

The major objective of the Bali forum will be to determine the next stage of a radical transformation of the world economic and social order in the name of saving the planet.

Apart from that, discussions of vast sums of money that should be given to developing nations to help them make the transition to the greener world are likely to be held as always.

Documents written in advance of the meeting assume that the goal of the green economic transformation is the same as that of the ill-fated Copenhagen conference: a 50 percent reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

That, the paper says, will require a staggering 45 trillion dollars to accomplish.

While the Copenhagen agenda was declared dead in December, the green road that leads to enormous cuts in carbon emissions by 2050 will require wealth tranfer from developed to developing country - same as the Copenhagen summit, according to documents. (ANI)

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