Octomom open to having another kid, but after marriage

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New York, February 25 (ANI): Nadya Suleman, the history-making mother who gave birth to eight children last year, has revealed she is open to having another child - if she ties the knot someday.

The 34-year-old unemployed single mum, who has six other kids in addition to the octuplets, said the possibility could exist "far" in the future.

"If someday far, far, far, far in the future, when they're older, if I meet somebody. ... I'm not going to say 100 percent 'no,'" the New York Daily News quoted her as saying on ABC's daytime talk show "The View".

She continued: "I'm not going to say someday far in the future (I will) get married and want a baby with that person."

Suleman conceived all her 14 children by in vitro fertilization and has often been criticised for having a large family on public assistance. (ANI)

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