Jaipur colour manufacturers charged up for 'Holi' festival

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Jaipur, Feb 25 (ANI): With the festival of colours 'Holi' round the corner, colour manufacturers in Jaipur are working day and night to meet the demands of the market.

The 'Gulal' produced in Rajasthan is famous for its quality and bright colours. Rajasthan is leading producer as the state has a huge availability of marble powder.

Gauri Shankar, a worker said, "We export it to Rajasthan and even other places, we also make scented Gulal, new technology has been introduced now a days, earlier the Gulal used to be a little harder, but now it is very soft and not harmful for the body."

Jaipur has always been famous for the typical style of Holi celebrations.or generations, the royal families here have been playing Holi with special balloons containing colours, known as 'Gulal Gota'.

Suppliers claim the craze of 'Gulal Gota' has now even reached the common man through magazines and newspapers.

Gunduk Sultana, the daughter of a supplier said, "They are known as Gulal Gota, which is used for playing Holi, the seven generations of my father have been supplying it to the Kings since old time and even today we supply them to the King of the City Palace, Bhawani Singh JI and her daughter Baisa."

On being asked the spatiality of 'Gulal Gota' and how did it reach the common man, Sultana said, "Earlier only kings and emperors used to play Holi with it, but once it was advertised through newspapers and magazines, even common people are now interested in purchasing it."

"Today, in this hi tech era of latest 'Pichkaries' (toys used to play Holi) and various Holi toys, there are a few families still left, who follow the tradition of manufacturing special 'Gulal Gota.

This year 'Holi' will be celebrated on February 28 and March 1.

Holi is a festival of joy, mirth and buoyancy, and is celebrated when both man and nature cast off the winter gloom. Holi heralds the arrival of spring, the season of hope and new beginnings and arks the rekindling of the spirit of life. (ANI)

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