ATS cop shot during a mock drill in Surat

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Surat, Feb 25 (ANI): The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Subhash Trivedi, accidentally shot and wounded an Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) inspector during a mock drill at the Surat airport on Wednesday evening.

The injured inspector, Shabbir Ali Saiyed, was enacting the role of a terrorist, while Trivedi was leading a rescue team.

Saiyed was not wearing any bullet-proof jacket and was dressed in plain Bhatt, one of the doctors who operated upon Saiyed said that no vital organ has been damaged and the inspector is out of danger.

"Mr Saiyed was hit by a bullet on the abdominal part. He is stable right now. He is in the ICU. We have operated him...and no major abdominal organs have been damaged and the surgery right now is successful and he is out of danger right now and he is in the ICU," said Bhatt.

Shivnanda Jha, Police Commissioner, Surat, said on Wednesday that the matter is being investigated.

" During a mock drill, one of our officials suffered a gun shot. He has been operated and the operation has been successful. He is recovering and we hope that we would be able to come out of this. This is a matter of investigation and I do not want to comment anything right now. Only after the inquiry we will come to know," said Jha.

A team of ATS from Ahmedabad had come to Surat for the drill of which Saiyed was a part. Live ammunitions are never used in a mock drill and Trivedi opened fire unaware that his weapon was loaded. (ANI)

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