Workshy Brits fail at unskilled jobs taken by immigrants: BBC documentary

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London, Feb 23(ANI): A new BBC documentary has found that certain Brits have the tendency to shy away from doing unskilled jobs currently taken up by immigrants.

In the documentary titled 'The Day The Immigrants Left', producers put 12 jobless Brits into jobs taken by immigrants and tested the theory that foreign workers "have stolen jobs" from British nationals.owever, the programme makers were shocked by the lack of commitment shown by their labourers, as half of them quickly gave up, pulling sickies and starting rows.

One of the participants, Lewis, was sent to a potato packing factory, but on the first day itself he sent a text to the boss saying he felt ill and could not come in.

Later, he admitted he had no intention of working on a packing line, and said: "I won't do a job if it's not interesting."

Then jobless Sam, his girlfriend Nicola, Ashley and his uncle David were sent to a curry house and given a day's training by the Bangladeshi staff. But the next day, when they should have started as chefs and waiters, three did not appear.

Sam and Nicola claimed they had food poisoning and David sent a message that his girlfriend was sick.

"I can't do this, I can't remember orders. The customers are reeling off these stupid words. I ain't Indian," The Daily Star quoted David, as saying.

BBC reporter Evan Davis concluded the experiment by saying that "our country would collapse if it had to rely on this bunch of workshy Brits." (ANI)

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