Strip clubs, bookmakers replacing pubs, police stations in new-look Britain!

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London, Feb 23 (ANI): A modern Domesday Book has revealed that in new-look Britain, strip-clubs and bookmakers will be replacing pubs and police stations.

Not only that but post offices and libraries are also disappearing while the numbers of lap-dance venues and drive-through burger joints soar.

Official figures show just how much the country has changed since Labour took power in 1997, with an eye-popping 1,150 percent rise in the number of lapdancing clubs.

Traditional high streets seem to be dying out as shops close down, and public services are also vanishing.

Numbers of post offices have dropped by 39 percent, and there are 196 fewer public libraries, while 11,680 sports and social clubs have shut.

The Valuation Office Agency findings also show 580 fewer hospitals and clinics, while the number of police stations has dropped by 160.

Last orders have been called on 3,460 pubs, while the number of bookies is up 39 percent and casinos by 27 percent, and while there were only 24 lap-dancing clubs in 1997, there are now thought to be around 300.

A 49 percent surge in the number of big supermarkets has also hit local shops hard.

Tory communities spokeswoman Justine Greening slammed ministers for failing to protect vital services, describing the report as like a modern-day Domesday Book - a survey of England for William the Conqueror in 1086.

"Labour has presided over the decline of traditional Britain and watched as our local communities are damaged," the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

"Thanks to a decade of Labour, neighbourhoods have lost access to essential services and facilities," she said.

Working Men's Club and Institute Union chief Mick McGlasham said the death of social clubs was "tearing the heart out of communities".

"I just wish the Government and people of all parties would understand the role our clubs play in their communities," he added.

Chris Gorman, of the Forum of Private Businesses, said the figures were part of a "sad and worrying trend".

The Department for Communities said the data did not give the full picture and surveys showed most people are happy with their communities.

And a new law threatens many lap-dancing clubs with closure. (ANI)

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