Opponents of immigration in UK could be racist: Unpublished Govt. draft

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London, Feb 23(ANI): A previously unseen UK Government paper has revealed that people opposed to immigration in Britain could be influenced by racism.

An early version of an analysis of the impact of immigration on the UK first written in 2000, said "anti-immigrant sentiment is closely correlated with racism", but the message was removed when the document was finally published in 2001.

The draft paper, drawn up for the Home Office, has raised fresh controversy after suggestions that it was considered too sensitive a point to make.

The draft also signaled that ministers pursued large increases in immigration despite knowing the public wanted tighter restrictions.

It called for increases in foreign workers to meet the Government's "economic and social objectives", but also stated that the public would be opposed to the shift because of "racism" and urged ministers to try to alter public attitudes towards immigrants.

It emerged earlier this month that another draft of the same document suggested Labour's migration policy over the past decade had been aimed at meeting "social objectives" as well as economic needs, but again passages were removed, The Telegraph reports.

Both drafts have been released under the Freedom of Information and leave serious questions over the Government's motives for immigration at a time when the number of new arrivals hit record levels. (ANI)

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