oman survives 5-floor fall from burning building

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New York, Feb 22 (ANI): A woman has survived despite falling from the fifth floor of a building on fire in New York.

The 39-year-old woman tried clinging to the air conditioner in the window of her Bronxdale Houses apartment, but eventually lost her grip and fell.

"She was hanging on to the air conditioner and she lost her grip," the New York Daily News quoted Hector, a 35-year-old neighbor, as saying.

He added: "She did not scream. She hit the steps and bounced."

Later, firefighter Rocco Cocciolillo found the woman lying conscious.

Cocciolillo, a 21-year vet from Ladder 54, said: "She said, 'There's somebody else up there. Not a scream, not a cry. The poor kid was in shock. She fell five stories. It was amazing she could still speak to me. It was a miracle."

However, a 60-year-old man was trapped inside the building and firefighters had to rush up the five flights of stairs, into the burning apartment.

Cocciolillo said: "It was hot up there. Visibility was nil. The fire was in the living room where I found the guy. He was unconscious with burns on his chest and face."

Authorities said both patients are in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Center.

Fire marshals are presently investigating the cause of the fire. (ANI)

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