Quick 'egg timer' reads women's biological clock

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Melbourne, February 21 (ANI): Experts have come up with a simple, quick and inexpensive test that can measure a woman's egg reserve.

The revolutionary test, dubbed the "egg timer", was proven as the best-known indicator of fertility and is set to be routinely offered by IVF Australia.

The test, priced at 65 dollars, will tell women how many eggs they have left, indicating whether a couple should strive for natural conception, try IVF treatment or, in severe cases, consider options such as adoption or egg donation, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Peter Illingworth, medical director of IVF Australia, said: "I think this is a big step forward. For a woman who is facing decisions about how active they should get about chasing her fertility in one way or another, it's information about what the future may hold for her.

"For a 30-year-old woman it gives her an idea of whether she's at risk of having an early menopause or she's got plenty of time to carry on and have a baby."

The Assistant Professor added: "From my perspective as a doctor, this test gives us a basis of providing advice to women on how quickly they should get involved in active treatment.

"For example, it is a common situation for a couple to try for six or eight months and go to a fertility clinic to seek advice. If all the tests are normal at that point, then there's no rush for them to seek treatment because simply by waiting longer they can still have a good chance of getting pregnant naturally.

"However, if, on the other hand, the blood test shows the woman has only a small number of eggs left, that would change things." (ANI)

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