"Healthy" chocolate bar contains water instead of fat!

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London, Feb 20 (ANI): Scientists have come up with a "healthy" chocolate in which fat has been replaced with water.

The low-fat chocolate, which contains almost two thirds water, apparently tastes identical to regular bars, reports The Telegraph.

Besides chocolates, boffins are also developing a low-fat mayonnaise and porridge which prevents people from feeling hungry by staying in their stomach longer.

University of Birmingham scientists claimed that they could replace a normal chocolate bar's fat particles with calorie-free substances such as water, air or gels.

The team created the "water-chocolate" by then connecting water particles with cocoa butter crystals.

The bar, which contains about 60 per cent water, was found to have the same taste, smell and feel in a person's mouth.

"It is possible that small, stable, air bubbles designed to resemble oil droplets in terms of their size and physical properties could be used to produce a new generation of low fat foods," said Dr Philip Cox, who led the research. (ANI)

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