Expert recommends Woods to focus on his recovery

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Washington, Feb 20 (ANI): A specialist dealing with cases of addiction feels Tiger Woods should focus on his recovery.

According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, the golfer's public apology over extra-marital affairs showed that he wants to lessen his wife's anger.

"The first thing that impressed me was that Tiger is focusing on his problem and focusing on his family and putting his career and golf on the backburner," Radar quoted Pinsky as saying.

The expert added: "I was concerned that he wouldn't do that. Tiger also said he felt comfortable with his peer group where he was getting treatment,and that is a very good sign that he feels comfortable in that environment.

"He kept saying what a bad person he was. He apologized to everyone, we get it, but it was very distressing to me that he just kept beating himself up.

"Tiger mentioned Elin at least 15 times. He is trying to appease Elin's anger. That isn't his responsibility, that is Elin's. Tiger needs to focus on his recovery.

"Tiger doesn't seem to have capitulated to the process, he seems to be trying to explain his actions. Tiger must let go and flow into the process.

It's also unusual for him to be going back to rehab after being out."

Pinsky further added: "Now obviously I don't have first-hand information about Tiger's treatment, but it's unusual to me that he is going back to rehab.

"Usually when someone leaves rehab they go to a step down lower level of care, maybe that is what he is doing, or maybe that isn't possible because he is Tiger Woods. But just going back to rehab, that could be a sign that things aren't going well."

The expert concluded: "Tiger Woods is not a bad guy, he is struggling with a very serious addiction." (ANI)

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