Meet Mensa's youngest member, Brit boy aged three

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London, Feb 17 (ANI): A British boy has become one of the youngest members of Mensa at the age of three.

William Potter loves solving word puzzles on his computer and has already learned some Chinese and Spanish, and his favourite pastime is reading road maps when he goes out in the car with dad David Potter and mum Lynn Goldstraw.

William scored an IQ of 140 in tests, which makes him one of the most intelligent two per cent in the country and qualified him for Mensa, the club for brainy people.

"He could count to 20 before he was two and knew his alphabet and colours and shapes," the Sun quoted Lynn, 45, of Packmoor, Staffs, as saying.

"When in his pushchair, he'd read car number plates. Now when we go in the car, he's in the back with a map on his knee. He reads the signs and tells you when to turn.

"He's like a sponge. You only have to tell him something once and he remembers it. I think a lot of it is about spending time with him.

"Many people just put children in front of the telly," she stated.

William's electrician dad David, 54, said: "By the time he was 18 months and talking he could name 50 or 60 characters in the Disney film Cars."

When William started nursery at Packmoor Primary School last September, he quickly spotted his coat peg - because he had the reading age of a seven-year-old and spotted his name written above it.

When the Sun tested William he named all the cities pointed to on a map, and added: "I like puzzles."

"William is well within the intellectually gifted range," educational psychologist Peter Congdon, who conducted his assessment, said.

Only around 30 Mensa members are under the age of ten - two of them girls who joined aged two. (ANI)

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