Water contamination at Khemkaran in Punjab

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Khemkaran (Punjab), Feb 16 (ANI): Resident of Punjab's Khemkaran sector are suffering from various diseases because of consuming contaminated water.

For the last six decades the people of this area have been drinking water containing excess fluoride.

It has been causing them arthritis, loss of teeth, and many abdominal problems. Many people lose their lives too.

The fluoride in ground water in this belt is more than one PPM (part per million). The people have been using this water for drinking as there is no other water available. To get clean water the villagers have to dig 500 feet deep.

Mahinder Singh, Village Head, Miyanwali, said: "The water in our villages is bad and the clean water should be made available in our villages. We are suffering from weak bones and joint pains. We have to dig deep to get clean water or else the only option is to boil the water."

Mulakh Raj, a doctor working in the Government Hospital Khemkaran said that contaminated water was responsible for the diseases like Hepatitis, Malaria and the gastro-entities in the region.

"The major diseases in this area are Hepatitis, Malaria and the gastro-entities and the other water born diseases are caused by polluted water," said Mulakh Raj.

The people have been advised to boil water to escape the harmful effects.

In India the sewage is often discharged directly into the water stream thus polluting the water bodies.

There have been many court orders, which forbid the emptying of industrial waste into the rivers. (ANI)

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