UK unleashes dreaded 65 ton 'Swiss army knife' tank against Afghan Taliban for first time

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Nad-e-Ali District (Afghanistan), Feb.16 (ANI): Angry British troops have used the mighty IED-busting Trojan tank against the Taliban in Nad-e-Ali district on Monday during Operation Moshtarak, The Sun reports.

The Trojan is the "Swiss army knife" of the forces - built to cut through the harshest of terrain with its monster tool kit.

A plough protects the crew as it clears a path through a minefield. It can rip devices out the ground.

Explosions bounce off the Trojan's 65-ton bulk. It also carries thermal imaging kit, low-light vision cameras, long-range magnifying devices, a remote-control machine gun and anti-tank weapons.

The Trojan does in seconds what may take the Counter-IED Taskforce days - at huge risk. The impact of such an awesome vehicle is obvious. (ANI)

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