Edible insect 'pic 'n' mix' on the menu of Surrey theme park!

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London, February 16 (ANI): A theme park in Surrey, UK, is set to offer snacks containing real dried insects as part of a trial.

Chessington World of Adventures will hand out the edible insects to visitors without any charge, and if successful, will put them on sale in a new Asian-themed area of the park when it opens in March.

"I have tried the sample snacks and I think if you can exercise mind over matter you will find that they are actually quite tasty," The Telegraph quoted General Manager David Smith as saying.

"I think I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! has uncovered a secret desire in many of us to try eating insects, so now is your chance.

"If you are one of many parents who have found themselves pouncing on a child as the worm they discovered in the back garden is about to disappear into their mouth, maybe this new line of ethically sourced insect fare administered in a controlled environment is just what you need," Smith added. (ANI)

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