50pc women hold victims responsible for rape: Poll

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London, Feb 16: Establishing one of the most influential factor that stops rape victims from reporting the crime, a new British Survey found that more than half of of the women believe that a rape victim asked for it.

Sexual assaults clinics, which carried out the poll, surveyed 1,000 adults to find that a shocking 54 per cent of the women believe that rape victims should be held accountable for the attacks.

The majority of this group were from the age group of 18 to 24 years. A fraction of 24 per cent from this group said that wearing a short skirt, accepting a drink or having conversation with the rapist made victims responsible, said a report in The Daily Mail.

The victim must also be held accountable if she went back to the attackers house, opined one fifth of the women.

The report titled 'Wake Up To Rape" also said that over 13 per cent of the women said acts like dancing provocatively or flirting put them at a higher risk and are therefore at fault for being victimised to sexual abuse.

In a more striking finding, 14 per cent of the women told the surveyors that 14 per cent of women believe most rape accusations were cooked up.

On surveying men, it was found that men did not consider forcing their partners into sex as rape.

When it comes to reporting the crime, one in five women reportedly backed out from approaching the police as half of them were ashamed of it.

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