Birds can help girls predict their love life!

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London, Feb 12 (ANI): Single girls who want to find out who they'll fall in love with should go birdwatching on Valentine's Day, according to an ancient art called ornithomancy.

The practice of reading signs from birds dictates that the first bird an unmarried woman sees on Valentine's Day is an omen of her future husband's character.

If she spots a swan, she could wed a writer or a dancer and he will be very loyal to her.

A peacock is the sign of a mate who will take pride in his appearance, while a robin signifies a man in uniform, especially a sailor, and a blue bird forecasts that her husband will make her smile.

Kingfishers predict a partner with inherited wealth, while goldfinches are also omens of rich men.

Clap eyes on a canary and you could marry a doctor, or spot a common pigeon and your husband will love his home.

Anyone lucky enough to see a dove can be sure that their future marriage will be happy.

However, if you want to hear wedding bells, avoid woodpeckers - they mean you might not get married at all. And a crow means you should leave your current fella.

Tourism bosses in Worcestershire have compiled a modern guide to romantic ornithomancy.

"I met my own wife while birdwatching and there are a lot of the birds from the list across Worcestershire. Who knows? Like-minded people might find romance among themselves," the Daily Star quoted Ornithologist Steve Whitehouse as saying. (ANI)

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