'Pak must guarantee elimination of extremists on its soil for possible N-deal with US'

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Washington, Feb.11 (ANI): Pakistan has been pushing the United States to enter into a civil nuclear deal with it, similar to India, however, an American expert believes that unless Islamabad takes on the terror groups based on its soil with more intent, Washington would hardly be moved.

According to Professor Christine Fair, in exchange for fundamental recognition of its nuclear status and civilian assistance, Pakistan would have to meet a couple of criterias.

"First, Pakistan would have to provide the kind of access and cooperation on nuclear suppliers' networks identified in the Kerry-Lugar-Berman legislation. Second, Pakistan would have to demonstrate sustained and verifiable commitment in combating all terrorist groups on its soil," Fair wrote in her article in the Wall Street Journal.

She, however, clarified that despite Islamabad's efforts against extremists, it is not certain that the Obama Administration would enter into a nuclear deal with it.

Fair, who is currently an assistant professor of South Asian political military affairs in the security studies programme at Georgetown University highlighted that the United States needed Pakistan's help for success in Afghanistan, which has eluded the international forces in that country.

In her opinion piece, Fair also pointed towards the possibility of militants provoking a conflict between India and Pakistan and fears of proliferation.

"The US is currently limited in its ability to shore up Pakistan's confidence against India because Islamabad fears that Washington, perhaps working with India or Israel, seeks to dismantle Pakistan's nuclear weapons programme," she said.

"Fundamentally, Pakistan believes the US rejects its status as a nuclear-armed state, whereas Washington has accepted and even supported the other two states that have acquired nuclear weapons outside of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Israel and India. With a civilian nuclear deal, Washington can trade the nuclear acceptance Pakistan craves for the cooperation the US needs," Fair added. (ANI)

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