Gordon Brown eating nine bananas daily to look radiant, healthy ahead of polls: Spokesman

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London, Feb. 9 (ANI): British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is eating up to nine bananas a day to look healthy and radiant ahead of General Elections, his spokesman has confirmed.

"The Prime Minister has always taken the view that a balanced diet is very important. Portions of fruit and veg on a daily basis can only lead to good health and radiance," The Sun quoted Brown's official spokesman, as saying.

Earlier, it was revealed that Brown is eating bananas to reduce his chocolate intake in an effort to get him in shape before the general election.

While his spokesperson dismissed the Brown's daily banana tally as "speculation," it emerged that Brown can polish off even more on a stressful day.

Staff have been ordered to leave a giant bowl of the fruit in his study at No10.

Brown may be hoping to ditch his KitKat fixation for bananas to get in shape for the Election, experts warned it could be dangerous.

They say too many can cause bloating, wind and frequent trips to the loo.

Cherie Blair's former lifestyle guru Carole Caplin said: "While Gordon is obviously taking the right steps by weaning himself away from KitKats and fizzy drinks, eating up to nine bananas a day is not the best way to deal with it.

"Bananas are fairly high in sugars which will keep his sugar cravings going, and that number may interfere with his digestion." (ANI)

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