Tesco installs cameras outside toilets to time workers' loo breaks!

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London, February 8 (ANI): Tesco, a popular retail chain in the UK, has installed security cameras in corridors outside restrooms to catch employees spending too much time on loo breaks.

Outraged workers at a branch in Sutton, London, claim the CCTV cameras violates their rights under the pretence of security purposes.

"Management are timing the time people take in there. People are finding themselves rushing in the loo so as not to get in trouble," the Sun quoted a worker as saying.

A Tesco web forum poster said: "They can't use security systems to spy on staff unless they have a valid reason."

But bosses at the grocery and merchandising giant alleged the gadgets were being used to advocate discipline.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: "These cameras were initially used for security reasons but management can use them for other issues if they so wish. They certainly would not look into the toilets."

She added: "Staff may be disciplined if management feel there is good reason to do so." (ANI)

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