Russia announces new nuclear doctrine

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Moscow, Feb 6: In subtle warning against China and NATO, Russia has unveiled its new nuclear doctrine, under which the nation has the right to retaliate with nuclear weapons.

"Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction against it and its allies, as well as an aggression against the Russian Federation with the use of conventional weapons jeopardizing the very existence of the state," a military doctrine signed by President Dmitry Medvedev said.

Sources said that the lowering the thresh hold for the use of nuke weapons, can be seen as a veiled theat to China.

In a news agency report, a retired three-star Soviet general, who cited anonymity said that the concept of a conventional war with its 'great Asian neighbour' was virtually given up by Russia after the 1968 border conflict, which was also publicly declared in the new doctrine.

The nation has also identified, expansion of NATO near its boundaries, deployment of missile shield elements on the perimeter of its land and maritime borders, international terrorism, proliferation of WMD and growing number of nuclear powers as a threat to internal security.

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