Sex is 'happening all the time' in football, says Brit footie

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London, Feb 5 (ANI): A Brit footballer has revealed that sex orgies and sleeping with teamates' girlfriends are quite common in pro football.

Goalkeeper Ashley Timms, 24, who was jailed over a sleazy sex-tape blackmail, has disclosed that soccer stars often indulge in wild sex antics off the field.

"What has happened between John Terry and Wayne Bridge's ex is nothing new. It's happening all the time between players and team-mates' girlfriends," the Sun quoted him, as saying.

He continued: "In the dressing room, 99 per cent of the chat is about sex. None of it is about football. I've done it ten different times with women while other players were in the room. It's a different world.

"I was on decent money and I was more worried about partying than football. I once bought a 4,500-pound round of drinks in Marbella - at times I didn't give a f*** about football.

"Even if you're not the best looking guy, if you are physically fit and have status as a player, you can pull. I've seen players in nightclubs going off with someone to have sex in the toilet."

The former Manchester City youth trainee recollected: "I once went round to see a mate who is a famous Premier League footballer. I walked in and he was on a PlayStation while a girl was between his legs pleasuring him. He laughed and the girl didn't care."

Timms added: "When I was at City we all knew each other - players from City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal. If we saw each other on a night out, we would go back with each other and take some girls.

"You have parties of five or six players and three or four girls at once. If you're young and the girls are pretty, I challenge any bloke to refuse it.

"The rich and powerful players get away with it most of the time. It's all about status." (ANI)

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