Landlady reveals Terry mistress' romp with footie Eidur Gudjohnsen

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London, Feb 4 (ANI): Professional football player John Terry's mistress Vanessa Perroncel has been revealed by her landlady to have also had an affair with Icelandic football player Eidur Gudjohnsen.

Landlady Linda Wardley, 58, said the pair first met in a club where the French lingerie model was working as a hostess.

Wardley revealed that Gudjohnsen, 31, often visited the apartment, and would disappear into Perroncel's bedroom, and sometime stay overnight, leaving early the next morning to join his wife.

"Eidur became a regular visitor. They always disappeared to her bedroom together," the Sun quoted Wardley as saying.

"It was my grown-up son's old bedroom - and he's a huge Chelsea fan.

"It was clear what they got up to, you could hear them - he appeared quite energetic. On three or four occasions Eidur actually stayed the night, but always left in the early hours around 5am.

"I used to hear the stairs creaking as he crept down them. I used to be giggling to myself - here is this millionaire footballer sneaking away from a tryst in my humble council flat!

"Eidur was always wary of being spotted. The funny thing is my neighbours saw him one day and asked me if it was him.

"If his wife was away she would go around there and stay in his house - Vanessa used to adore it because it was so luxurious," she revealed.

Gudjohnsen, who lived with wife Ragnhildur and their three kids just a mile away, had promised Perroncel that he would leave his wife for her.

"Vanessa is not the type of girl averse to nicking someone's husband. She once said her ambition was to marry a top footballer. I said, 'Good for you, love'," she said.

"But I had to sit her down and say, 'This Eidur seems like a nice fellow, but he is not going to leave her for you'.

"Vanessa said Eidur told her, 'I would leave her, but I'm terrified of losing my kids'.

"Vanessa told me that one night at the club where she worked she was practically sitting on Gudjohnsen's lap, and his wife came in.

"The wife was not at all happy and was well suspicious. She kept giving Vanessa dirty looks - but I think Vanessa was really enjoying it," she added.

Wardley said their relationship ended after seven months - and days later another Chelsea player turned up on the doorstep to take her out.

Then weeks later Perroncel moved in with Wayne Bridge.

"Wayne was a lovely boy, but Vanessa used him as a lap-dog. Men to her are like brushing your teeth," she said.

"Vanessa is a very selfish person who does not care who she treads on to get to where she wants.

"All she wanted was to become a WAG and used to say, 'A footballer will keep me in the lap of luxury I deserve'," she added. (ANI)

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