Four women escape jail after gluing love-rat lover's penis to stomach!

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Melbourne, Feb 3 (ANI): Four American women have escaped being sentenced to jail after they glued a cheating lover's penis to his stomach as part of a revenge plot.

According to MyFox National, lover Therese Ziemann lured Donessa Davis, 37, to a motel room in Calumet County, Wisconsin after his wife informed her that he was seeing two other women.

Ziemann tied Davis up under the pretence of erotic foreplay before texting the three other women to come to the room, and she then slapped him in the face before cutting off his underwear and using nail glue to stick his penis to his stomach.

When the other women arrived, they started berating and belittling Davis before he managed to break free.

All four women have been sentenced to one-year probation and community service.

"I just wish this never happened," the Daily Telegraph quoted Ziemann as saying during sentencing.

"It was nail glue in my make-up bag and a stupid spur of the minute decision," she said.

The mother-of-six explained that she had overreacted because Davis had been trying to contact her 12-year-old daughter.

"I had just found my daughter's number in his cell phone. It was a warning from me to him to stay away from my kids," she said outside court.

Two of the other women also apologised for their role in the incident.

"I'm extremely sorry for what happened," offered Michelle Belliveau.

Wendy Sewell said she "never intended to hurt anyone".

Davis' wife Traci Hood-Davis declined to comment during her sentencing - however she has taken her husband back.

"There were a series of poor decisions made on July 30 from everybody's perspective," Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz told the court.

Davis on the other hand has according to his lawyer acknowledged that he had made some poor decisions. (ANI)

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