'White Goat' machine turns waste paper into toilet roll!

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London, Feb 2 (ANI): A Japanese company has created a machine which turns waste office paper into toilet rolls.

Users feed waste office paper into the oddly titled White Goat machine, which shreds it, mixes it with water and pulps it.

The 63,000-pound device then flattens the pulp and dries it before churning out rolls of toilet paper. It costs just 6p to create each roll.

Makers Oriental say the toilet paper machine is aimed at large companies which would produce a lot of waste paper.

It takes 40 sheets of A4 paper to create one roll of toilet paper.

The machine was unveiled about six weeks ago at the Eco Products trade fair in Tokyo.

"I can think of several people who'd like to flush their workload down the loo, but this takes it to another level," the Telegraph quoted James Holland, editor of the gadget website Electricpig, as saying.

"I love the idea, and eco warriors will go barmy for it too. I guess you'll need to be wary of any stray staples though," he added.

Oriental insist that any stray matter is removed from documents by the White Goat machine. (ANI)

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