'Rabbit jumping' latest craze in UK!

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London, February 1 (ANI): Rabbit jumping clubs displaying how rabbits are being taught to show jump are rising in popularity in Britain.

Retired office worker Maureen Hoyle began the club Rabbit Jumping UK after picking up the idea from a fellow breeder in Sweden.

"The rabbits love it. The rabbits are very agile and a lot of people are surprised by what they can do," the Telegraph quoted Maureen as saying.

"The rabbits have to clear the jump without touching it. In more serious competitions the obstacle has a delicately balanced weight at the top which will fall if the rabbit makes contact. That will add a penalty to the rabbit's total time," Maureen added.

"The rabbits are trained by owners at home who use treats to encourage the animals to make a leap of faith over barriers", the paper said. (ANI)

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