PR model claims she had five-month affair with John Terry

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London, Feb 1 (ANI): A 42-year-old promotions model Jayne has revealed that she had a five-month affair with Chelsea skipper John Terry, believing he was single.

"He has no respect for anyone - and has been getting away with it for years," the Mirror quoted Jayne as saying.

She had first met Terry in 1999 while working on a promotion for Legoland in Heathrow Airport.

"He was coming through with the Chelsea team. I didn't know who he was but we made eye contact and I liked him straight away," she said.

"He came up and said, 'You're lovely'. He told me he was single and said, 'You're beautiful. I've got to go out with you'. I was 32 and asked him how old he was. He said 24 (Terry was actually 20) and that he always wanted an older woman.

"I gave him my number and he came round when he got back to Britain and we made love.

"He was very attentive, loving and charming," she added.

Terry's lie about being single was blown apart after his wife Toni called up Jayne and confronted her about their affair.

"Toni said, 'Hi, is that Jayne Connery? You don't know me but I need to ask have you slept with John Terry?' She told me she was John's fiancée. I was gobsmacked," said Jayne.

"I said he had told me he was single and that we had slept together. I was mortified." Later the same day, Jayne got another call.

She said: "The voice said: 'Hi, I'm a friend of John Terry. You might get a call from a girl who claims to be his girlfriend. We want you to deny everything. We want you to say that you chased John, but that he rebuffed you. He had no dealings with you whatsoever."

Jayne decided she never wanted to see Terry again.

Then, the following year, Jayne became involved with England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson.

When the relationship became public in the wake of Eriksson's affair with Ulrika Jonsson, Terry worried that his affair with Jayne would be next in the headlines.

She says: "He told me, 'I have the best lawyers in the world. No one can touch me'. He was so arrogant."

Jayne also received a threatening call from a man.

"He told me someone would rearrange my face if I went to the papers about my relationship with John.

This week's revelations about Terry's latest affair and his squalid attempts to keep it out of the public arena have come as no surprise to Jayne. (ANI)

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