New dye may turn clothes into wearable batteries

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London, Feb 1 (ANI): Scientists from Stanford University in California have developed a dye that could turn your clothes into conductors.

The carbon-nanotube-based ink developed by Yi Cui and colleagues can soak into fabrics and can turn clothing into wearable batteries

The ink is made with single-walled carbon nanotubes, reports New Scientist magazine.

The team dyed porous fabrics with the ink to create a conductive textile with very low resistance.

The fabric was found to be consistent in performance even after repeated washes.

This showed that the ink is durable.

Cui says it's possible to treat the dyed material with an electrolyte to create a fabric capacitor capable of storing and releasing electrical charge.

He said that technique could be harnessed to power wearable devices.

The findings appear in journal Nano Letters. (ANI)

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