'Smart clothing' that combats body odour!

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Melbourne, January 31, (ANI): Experts have come up with a new range of 'smart clothing' that helps fight body odour.

The fabric, brainchild of Australian company King Gee, makes use of nanotechnology to absorb body odour.

It can also differentiate between a bad and a good smell and absorbs body odour but not deodorant or aftershave, reports The Age.

King Gee marketing and communications manager, Mirjana Dujkovic, said: ''One of the challenges with a lot of these treatments is that they're new and a lot of Rand D has gone into them, sometimes they can be very expensive.

"But as they become more available and affordable, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of them in everyday brands."

Dr Richard Helmer, from the CSIRO, that leads local small clothing research and development in the country, added: ''It makes sense to be able to integrate new technologies and capabilities into our clothes." (ANI)

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