Over-training could be counterproductive, says expert

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Washington, Jan 31 (ANI): Over-training, also called over-exercising, is counterproductive to realizing your fitness goals, says an expert.

Butler University's Adrian Shepard, assistant director of fitness overseeing recreation, said that over-training happens when you're "not allowing your body the opportunity to adjust, adapt and recuperate in response to the training regimen you're taking part in."

Shepard said, besides sore muscles, there are other clear signs that a person is over-training. They include decrease in performance, increase in a person's resting heart rate and blood pressure, increased muscle fatigue, disturbed sleep patterns and gastro-intestinal disturbances, depression, irritability, apathy, and low self-esteem.

Shepard suggests three steps to avoid over-training from day one:

1. Gradually work your way into exercise, especially if you are a beginner, are recovering from an injury, or have been physically inactive for some time.

2. Ask staff of your fitness center to take you through equipment and facility orientations. You'll learn what equipment is available, how it works and what to use for desired results.

3. If your fitness facility offers them, schedule a fitness assessment to determine your current physical health status and fitness level. This will be your baseline measurement for evaluating future progress. The assessment also identifies any potential health and injury risks in training, and helps in developing your personalized exercise program and goals. (ANI)

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