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Toronto, January 31 (ANI): Experts have come up with ideal style of print for every user based on four simple questions.

English design firm Pentagram posted a playful video claiming people can know the typeface they were destined for by taking the test What Type Are You?

"When graphic designers talk among themselves, then, yes, type is going to be intellectual. But when you're talking to clients, all their questions are human-context questions: Is the font friendly? Is it clean? Does it deliver a message seamlessly? Typefaces are the children of society, and they reflect the culture they're designed in," the Globe and Mail quoted type designer Patrick Griffin of Canada Type as saying.

Expanded antique font

"A wood-type font dating from 1880, Expanded Antique has big, bold shapes that can announce a play or match from across the street but with extremely delicate and attractive spaces only noticeable once you cross the street," according to Pentagram. Recommended users include boxing or wrestling promoters - people who need to make a big impression professionally but, privately, prefer "the finer points of expression."

Baskerville italic font

So understated it was designed by a man called Moore, this font "combines a firm measured stroke, a light measured stroke, a flowing serif and an insistent angle for an academic dignity and excellent legibility. If you are well-read, a little short-sighted and you tend to lean quietly but firmly towards the right, then Baskerville Italic is your type."

Cooper font

"A heavy but generous font with soft serifs, casual curves and a pleasant inclination and no hint of sharpness," say the Pentagram designers. "If you are an imposing sort of person who does not hanker after leanness or fitness but is happy with your life and with your love handles, then Cooper Black Italic is your type."

Perpetua Titling Light font

Designed in 1928, this font is influenced by Roman stonecutting, "with a very measured differentiation between its thick strokes and thin strokes, and with delicately bracketed period serifs. If you're a quiet, old-fashioned sort of person who'd secretly prefer shoed stability to barefooted liberty, Perpetua Titling Light is your type." (ANI)

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