Gilani urges US to remove Pak's name from 'full body' screening list

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Islamabad, Jan.30 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has once again urged the United States to remove his country's name from the list of nations whose citizens are to be subjected to stringent screening for flights bound for the US.

Pakistan's name is in the list of 14 countries, whose citizens would have to go for full body screening.

Under new rules, all citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen must receive a pat down and an extra check of their carry-on bags before boarding a plane bound for the US.

Speaking to a five-member US delegation here, Gilani said both Islamabad and Washington needed to work together to bridge the increasing trust deficit.

Gilani said Pakistan cannot just rely on aid and called for more trade opportunities and access to US markets, The News reports.

He pointed out that the delay in the release of promised aid was also showing a lack of interest from the international community.

Gilani told the American delegates that Afghan refugee camps inside Pakistan have added to the security concerns and that they should be shifted elsewhere.

The US delegation assured its full support to the Gilani government for an immediate release of the Collection Support Fund, enhancement of law enforcement agencies' capacity and rehabilitation work in regions such as Swat and Malakand. (ANI)

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