George Fernandes is 'unwell', says his journal 'The Other Side'

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New Delhi, Jan.30 (ANI): The Other Side, a magazine brought out by George Fernandes, former Defence Minister and Rajya Saba leader, has admitted that he is not keeping well, and hence unable to give any input for his regular column in the periodical.

His earlier writings and speeches, including editorials from the "The Other Side" have been used in the latest edition.

The latest issue of the magazine dwells on the demand for the creation of Telengana and recalls that socialists have supported the idea of smaller States for many decades, including Telengana.

Keshav Rao Jhadav, George Fernandes and others have been at the forefront on many agitations over the past many decades. T. Chandrashekhar Rao always visited and coordinated with socialist leaders who lent him moral support.

The editorial points out when States become large and unwieldy; there are huge pockets of neglect and indifference by those who rule from the well-endowed areas. Their comfortable cars with the red lights atop, their bungalows and retinues of sycophants and parasitical hangers-on soon make them forget the discomfort of the backward areas.

It can be no one's case, however, that smaller states are all well-governed or that large states have never had good governance, aspects like the specific characteristics of a section of the region , caste equations and geographic and ethnic factors play a larger part, leading to imbalanced growth within states.

Converting from large to small does not translate automatically into a better scenario for all on an equal basis. "Jharkhand has been badly governed after its creation by leaders who are seen as corrupt". Naxals are active and tribal leaders have amassed disproportionate assets.

Today, each militant group has one or the other political party in its vice-like grip, and money earmarked for development is channeled to militants through extortion and terror.

The magazine points out that the demand for Telengana has been a long standing one and such decisions cannot be taken on a piecemeal basis because a chief minister dies or someone fasts.

It needs a patient, mature and seasoned team to deal with it. (ANI)

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