Delhi police arrests Afghan national on cocaine smuggling charges

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New Delhi, Jan 28 (ANI): Delhi Police on Thursday said that they have arrested an Afghan national, who had allegedly swallowed 70grams of cocaine to escape the security check at the Indira Gandhi International airport.

Police said that the Afghan national, identified as Hafiz Ullah, smuggled cocaine into India.

Informing about the arrest, Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police H.G.S Dhaliwal said: "These people have smuggled extremely high quality of cocaine. Seven pouches of cocaine with each pouch containing ten grams. In total 70 grams of cocaine have been recovered from his stomach."

"Firstly, they wrapped it in polythene, and then they sealed it with tape, as they knew that if any of the packets had opened in his stomach, it would have been huge danger to his life. Thus, the cocaine pouches were packed very nicely," he added.

Dhaliwal said that Hafiz Ullah along with his other aides entered the country on January 14, but he felt unwell on January 16 and was admitted to a private hospital, where doctors discovered that he had consumed some drug.

Doctors informed police following which he was arrested, but his other aides managed to escape.

According to police a huge nexus is operating in Delhi and NCR region, but they keep on changing places to hide from police.

Police added that these people often shift to hot tourist destinations like Goa and Manali during the tourist season and supply drugs there.

These smugglers have very high-value customers and they earn huge money by supplying drugs in Indian capital, said police. (ANI)

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