Devotees protect temple deities from severe cold in Jaipur

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Jaipur, Jan 25 (ANI): Devotees in Jaipur are protecting their deities in various temples of the city by offering woolen blankets and warm clothes apart from arranging hot water and hot foods for the presiding deity.

The devotees consider it to be their duty to protect their idols from the biting cold prevailing in the city during the winter season.

Ram Das, the priest of Hanuman temple here said, "Ours is a very giving society, and we have followed this tradition for a very long time. Just as we humans feel cold in winters, so do our gods."

"So, in the winters we protect the deities by putting heaters nearby, offering prasad (holy offering) made of moong (a kind of pulse considered good for beating cold), and other hot food items like halwa, poori (fried savouries) etc," added Das.

There are many other devotees, who reckon that the deities must be treated tenderly as a child and given utmost care.

Manju Bharti, a devotee said, "In winters we cover the deity with woolen clothes, like shawls and sweaters, because we treat them like our own child."

"To beat the cold, we provide blankets, serve hot food and also give a hot water bath," added Bharti.he deities are given a bath in the warm water prior to the puja and later wrapped in woolen blankets to beat the chill.

The Jaipur priests claim that this tradition is in accordance with Vaishnav Sampradaya (Vaishnavite tradition). (ANI)

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