Da Vinci Code helps create perfect smile

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London, Jan 25 (ANI): A celebrity dentist has used the mysterious mathematical formula at the heart of The Da Vinci Code to create the perfect smile.

Using the arcane sequence of numbers, Dr Tariq Idris - whose clients include singer Charlotte Church, ex-Hollyoaks star Joanna Taylor and Alex Curran, wife of England footballer Steven Gerrard - has provided the ultimate in cosmetic transformations, reports The Daily Express.

According to the expert, the creation could be the "template for dental ­perfection".

The sequence, known as the divine proportion, is an equation for beauty which frequently occurs in nature.

Also known as the Fibonacci series, the series of numbers has become the foundation for many works of art and architecture and most recently formed a key part of Dan Brown's Da Vinci novel.

The Fibonacci series is a sequence of numbers created by Leonardo Fibonacci in 1202.

With the help of computer software, lasers and nano-technology, the sequence is aiding dentists to create personalised but perfect smiles.

Talking about how he stumbled on the idea, Dr Idris, based in Harley Street, London, said: "I was analysing photos of smiling clients, comparing the ratio of the teeth, smile and gum line. I realised that by employing the Fibonacci sequence I could find a template for perfection.

"By identifying where the smile failed the 'divine proportion' test, I analysed where I could reshape the teeth and gums to fit with the correct ratios."

Dr Idris said: "At least since the Renaissance, artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the divine proportion.

"Some of the greatest mathematical minds of all ages have spent endless hours over this ratio and its stunning properties."

The perfect smile treatment can be performed with no drilling or injections. (ANI)

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