Indian in Oz fights against racism at workplace

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Bangalore, Jan 25: The increasing number of racial attacks against Indians in Australia hitting the headlines have given birth to many questions about the real motive and the roots of this kind of aggression.

In a revelation that could be critical in unlocking the mystery behind these hate crimes, an Indian professional working in Australia narrates his story of his fight against white collar racism.

The story of the Indian, whose identity has not been revealed in the interest of his safety, unveils a new dimension to the racism down under.

"I would like our Indians to know of what really is happening to the Indians working within the government departments," the distressed Indian said in a mail to OneIndia.

Working with a government agency located in Ballarat, 100 km from Melbourne the racist attacks' 'hot spot', the Indian had to face racial discrimination at every step of his career despite having excellent credentials and work experience.

The victim was allegedly subjected to discrimination when it came to acknowledgment, appreciation, and appraisal at the workplace.

The government office is white dominated and no Indian or Asian has been able to survive for more than 4 to 6 months maximum, the Indian said.

He has, however, managed to grit his teeth and work there for over 6 years. He is now at the verge of resigning from his job as the absence of recognition and respect due to his race has left him stressed and in turn has affected his health, family and personal life.

The only colored person in the company with 1500 employees questioned, "How come with an Indian population of approximately 8,000 in Victoria and nearly 600 to 800 in Ballarat can't qualify jobs in this company?"

The Indian national is currently fighting against one of the manifestation of the underlying racism - he was denied a post, which was offered, questionably, to an Australian.

He has raised this issue with an authority organisation but fails to get satisfactory answers.

The fact that a state-run agency indulges in racial discrimination has led the Indian to conclude that the commoners bashing up Indians on the streets is just a reflection of the government's stand.

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