Army to procure all-terrain vehicle

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New Delhi, Jan 25: Aimed at achieving high mobility, army is procuring a large number of all-terrain vehicles that could be used in snow-bound areas, marshes, creeks, beaches and deserts.

A Request For Information (RFI) has been issued by the defence minister to both the domestic and foreign manufacturers regarding the vehicle which has the capacity to carry 10 fully-armed men.

Among the other features, these vehicles can also be used for petrol duties by the troops in difficult terrains.

With regard to the numbers of vehicles to be procured, the manufactures have been asked by army to inform about their ability to supply the vehicles along with the transfer technology for manufacturing within India in future.

The army is expecting to procure both the wheeled and tracked all-terrain vehicles with convertible rack and seat system, with the added ability to operate in high-altitude areas, including crossing crevasses.

The vehicle comes with an additional benefit of a Global Positioning System powered by its own electrical systems, wind and temperature tachymeter, fire extinguisher, external storage facility for rappelling ropes, ice aces, pick axes and shovels, along with two 20-litre warming fuel jerricans.

It will also have an all-way blade, rotary snow blower, snow cutter and tilt trailer among other attachments.

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