When life comes to a standstill in a Manali village as part of unique festival

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Goshal village (Himachal Pradesh), Jan.24 (ANI): India is known for its diversity and a large number of people living in different regions of the country, especially in the rural parts, have been following unique rituals for generations to carry on their local traditions and express their deep faith in them.

Himachal Pradesh is one such State in north India.

Life in Gaushal village, located on the outskirts of Manali town in Himachal, appears to have come to a standstill for one-and-a-half month during a unique festival, when the local deity here is said to have gone for 'meditation'.

During this period, agricultural activities are prohibited, especially ploughing of fields with iron instruments. The locals avoid any entertainment activity i.e. all the television and radio sets are switched off till the doors of the temple are opened.

Pruning of apple plant is the only exceptional activity allowed during the period.

"During the one-and-a-half months we don't till land. We don't play music, radio or television. There is no noise in the village. People do mostly their daily work," said Giri Devi, a local resident.

Natives happily enjoy these 45 of isolation with calm, as they consider it's their sacred responsibility toward the deities.

As per the local tradition, temple's door remains closed from Makar Sakranti (second week of January) to February 24 or 25, after applying mud along with a small basket on the idols of Gautam Rishi, Kanchan Naag and Beas Rishi.

The local villagers abide by an old belief that states if flower grows out from the mud, it symbolizes happiness and if hair comes out, it indicates a bad year ahead.

"The gate of the temple is closed on the day of Makar Sakranti (after second week of January) and opens on 24 or 25 February. We don't do our worldly work like tiling land or marrying our children during the period," said Ram Goshali, a local resident. By Prem Kumar (ANI)

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