Secret footage reveals shocking drugs epidemic in UK jail

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London, Jan 24(ANI): Secret footage filmed over nine months by an inmate on his mobile phone has revealed convicts at a UK prison injecting heroin, smoking crack cocaine, puffing cannabis and watching smuggled-in hardcore porn.

The video clips show 12 different convicts getting high on killer drugs while sitting in their cells at Winchester Prison.

It includes a youngster slipping into unconsiousness after injecting himself with potentially lethal heroin and his cellmate trying slapping him across the face in a desperate attempt to revive him.

"When they slump over like that it can cause their heart to stop. And he's fighting it. It's horrific to watch. He's obviously taken too much. With heroin you never know the strength and if you inject it too quickly you're a goner," News of The World quoted a onetime inmate and drug pusher, as saying.

The footage also shows a drug deal between two inmates - one handing over a 10 pounds for a small lump of crack.

Incredibly all the footage was shot inside a "drug-free" wing where all inmates were awarded a certificate to show they have been tested and were clean.

The inmate, who unearthed the scam, said that although cash is banned throughout UK prisons, inmates with access to money outside can lead quite luxurious lives.

"You can get any sort of drug and anything else you want as long as you have the funds. When I was inside I had a Sky TV box, PlayStation, mobile phone and plenty of porn. It was a home from home. Some say it's like a holiday camp but I reckon it's better - because the drugs are far easier to come by," the inmate said.

"Drugs are everywhere and it takes a strong willpower to turn them down, especially when you've nothing else to do. You've just been banged up, your girlfriend or wife dumps you, then you look around at all these people as high as a kite. You just want to escape and before you know it you've a drug problem," he added.

He further said that some youngsters come into prison having never taken drugs, but left as addicts. (ANI)

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