Obama trails Huckabee: Poll

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Washington, Jan. 23 (ANI): For the first time, President Barack Obama is trailing behind his one of his hypothetical opponents in a monthly poll.

Ahead of the 2012 Presidential election, Obama trails his opponents by the smallest of margins.

According to a monthly poll conducted by the Politico, former Republican governor Mike Huckabee has a 45-44 advantage over Obama, aided largely by a 44-38 lead with independents.

Mitt Romney does the next best, trailing Obama 44-42.

Earlier, a poll conducted by Strategies Inc. survey found that President Barack Obama continues to be seen as America's most trusted political figure.

"President Obama's trust rating remains steady at 54 percent - a number that has not changed since last July, including among independents," Politico quoted Dick Keil of Public Strategies Inc., as saying in a memo accompanying the poll.

Just 28 percent said they trusted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to deal with problems and only 35 percent said they had confidence in former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

The poll also found that just 41 trust the Democratic Party to solve America's problems, while 40 percent expressed confidence in the Republican Party to do the same.

"Trust in Democrats and Republicans is now identical and remains very low. Trust has decreased significantly for Democrats over the last year, but Republicans have not been able to capitalize on this decrease," Keil wrote. (ANI)

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